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The company vision

The Visions

L&F has been growing to the top supplier of baby nursing and textile products in east of China. Our vision is to cover all the countries in Europe market, and have a direct serving office inEurope.

How are do

1. Cheapest price, best quality and in-time delivery is always core of our working. Never get worried about the price here with L&F team, and we believe the price is relative. We can not say our price is always the cheapest, but we can promise the price is cheapest related to the quality products we provide to you.

2. Design and improve. 

In order to continuously offer innovative and exciting product with large margin opportunities for our customers, improving new products and introduced new product lines to our customer is another important job for us. Each season, we would introduce new product lines in our existing Garden product lines, and each month, our team will design and make it reality for new products. All the new products and new products lines will help us to fully covered existing garden product lines, and finally, providing more choice for customers.

3. First class buying experience, and Better than your expect.

Tell us what you need, and leave the rest to us until goods perfectly arrive in you hand. We always hope to provide a first class buying experience for you, saving more time for you, saving more money for you. But this first class buying experience need more trust between you and us. After a couple of cooperation, I think we should get your trust rapidly. 

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